Annual Gathering


We come together for great food and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ to learn about ministry opportunities, receive powerful teaching, and worship the Most Awesome God!





Ticket Prices:

Adults – $75  |  50% Discount for Under 21



  • This Gathering is for ALL PEOPLE! All are welcome!
  • Discounted Registration for guests under 21
  • Optional BBQ Brisket Dinner Friday Night to Benefit the Zion Cares ministry
  • Keynote Presentations by Greg & Susan Finke
  • 3 Breakout Sessions with 18 different breakouts to choose from





 Keynote Presenters:


 Greg & Susan Finke

Authors of the Joining Jesus book series
Over the past decade working as authors, speakers, and consultants, the Finke’s have had the opportunity to help thousands of leaders disciple people to join Jesus on his mission in the places they already live, work and go to school. The name Dwelling 1:14 refers to John 1:14 and the incarnational, missional nature both of Jesus and those who would follow him into the world.
The first keynote is entitled “Love Your Neighbor: Why Jesus Said It.” Greg will explore why Jesus instructs his followers to love our neighbors. Is it to simply keep a rule or is there something more fulfilling and fruitful He is inviting us into? He will share a simple, powerful theological framework for why Jesus says to love our neighbors flowing from gospel abundance, not the law.
In the second keynote, “Love Your Neighbor: How We Can Do It,” Greg and Susan will examine the common questions that Christians often stumble over: Who is my neighbor? How can I love my neighbor? How do I love a neighbor who is particularly difficult to love? How do I share the good news of God with my neighbor? We will be encouraged to meet the challenges of the task by hearing the stories of other Lutherans who have followed a simple, biblical plan for loving their neighbors, proving that LOVE WORKS at accomplishing Christ’s mission through us.
Greg is a graduate of Concordia University, Chicago and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Before founding Dwelling 1:14, he served as pastor of two congregations in Michigan and Texas for 21 years. Greg and Susan, have three daughters and enjoy life as neighborhood missionaries in St. Paul, Minnesota.







Julie Smith

Coordinator for Districts and Fellowships – LCMC

St. Peter, MN




Ryan Meyer

Pastor at Trinity Lutheran

Stonewall, Texas



Plus a designated Youth Track!


While we will not host a simultaneous youth gathering or lock-in this year, we invite all youth and young adults to attend and have designated a youth-focused breakout track. Tickets for those UNDER 21 are HALF PRICE!
Questions? Contact Bryce Formwalt or Alyssa Moore: 512-942-7776 or


“Why Our Church’s Activities Are Not Transforming Our Communities – And How to Fix It” In the New Testament, wherever the disciples of Jesus went, love and redemption broke out and transformed communities. These days, even congregations that have been in communities 50-100 years are not seeing transformation. Why not? And how can that outcome be changed.?
In this seminar, Rev. Greg Finke of Dwelling 1:14 will walk us through some common Lutheran blind spots that keep us from participating in the transformation our communities need. He will then lay out a few simple, biblical solutions that work and change everything.

All are welcome and encouraged to attend the Pre-Gathering Seminar.
Please make sure you add the “Pre-Gathering Seminar” option onto your ticket when you register. Cost is just $20! SPECIAL PRICING FOR PASTORS AND MINISTRY STAFF: $5!



Zion, Kerrville will be preparing a delicious benefit dinner on Friday night. Menu includes BBQ brisket dinner complete with all the fixings and a dessert. Dinner will be served from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. Advance tickets may be purchased with registration for just $15. For late registrants, dinner tickets will cost $20. Proceeds from the BBQ Brisket Dinner will go to benefit the Zion Cares ministry.


Ministries, Missions, Businesses, and any other organizations who partner with churches are encouraged to attend and be represented with a display at the Annual Gathering. Ministry Partners can register for a display table at no additional cost through our online registration form. Questions? email or call 512-942-7776.


We are looking for businesses or organizations that are interested in sponsoring our Gathering! Your support helps to put on a great event at an affordable cost. There are three levels of support to choose from. We thank our sponsors by providing options for full-color advertising space in our printed programs. Premier Sponsors also receive additional recognition. Thank you for your generous support.

Premier Sponsor ($500)

• Full-page color ad in printed program (5 x 7.75 inches)
• Linked logo on our Gathering webpage, in our online digital program and in advanced publicity
• Circulating ad on presentation displays during the Gathering
• Public Spotlight during a Main Session at the Gathering
• Designated sponsor of a specific part of the Gathering

Full-Page Sponsor ($120)

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Half-Page Sponsor ($60)

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Why Would I Serve My Neighbor?
Julie Smith
St. Peter, MN
Join LCMC Coordinator for Districts and Fellowships Julie Smith for an exploration of the question, “Why should I bother to serve my neighbor? If God isn’t keeping a scorecard, why can’t I just do whatever I want?” This breakout will be focused towards teens and young adults, but is open for anyone to attend. Offered Session 1 only.


We Need to Talk About Porn
Jacob Boessling & Grant Carey
Concordia University
Austin, TX
Pornography affects so many, even those within the church, and we need to talk about it. In our world, porn is a cheap alternative to the beautiful gift of sexuality that God intended it to be. Come to this session to hear stories, understand the reality of how porn affects your brain, your friends, other youth group members, and hear practical ways of fighting the dangerous drug of pornography. And helping your friends do the same. This breakout will be focused towards teens and young adults, but is open for anyone to attend. Offered Session 2 only.



How Can I Love THEM? 
Chip Reynolds
First English
Victoria, TX
There are so many relationships in our lives that have hurt us or we have seen them hurt others. Christ tells us to love God and love others…even when those “others” are hard to love. How do we do that? Join Chip Reynolds, Pastor of First English, Victoria, as he explores tools that can help us more effectively love like Christ loves. Come build your toolbelt to love those you struggle with loving. This breakout will be focused towards teens and young adults, but is open for anyone to attend. Offered Session 3 only.


How to Raise Your Children to be Life-long Followers of Jesus
Susan Finke
Dwelling 1:14
St. Paul, MN
Every Christian family and congregation have the same goal: to raise their children to become life-long followers of Jesus. But many families experience the pain of their children growing up, leaving home, and walking away from the faith. What went wrong? And how can a new generation of parents avoid the same result? In this breakout, author and speaker Susan Finke of Dwelling 1:14 will identify what Jesus shows us in the gospels about how to be more practical and intentional as we raise children to follow Jesus and join Him on His mission. Offered Sessions 1 & 2.


Why Families Don’t Come to Church and What Your Church Can Do About It!
Deborah Prieto
Reimagine Coaching and Consulting
Torrance, CA
Where have all the young people gone? What is working? How does a church of older people reach out to younger people? What are some new ideas we can try? God is inviting us to experiment in reaching out to families. It’s not too late to turn things around! Join church consultant Deborah Prieto of Reimagine Coaching & Consulting for a conversation about experimenting, overcoming roadblocks, and hope! Offered Sessions 1 & 2.


Genuine Love: Our Counterfeit Infatuations
Nathan Hanson
Kensington Lutheran Church
Kensington, MN
In Romans 12:9 we read “Love is genuine.” Everyone needs this reality to function, yet there are many voices encouraging substitutions for love. The fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5) can illumine God’s genuine care and guidance. Many are conflicted by counterfeit expressions and live in the grip of the evil one. Deceit seems to rule from addiction to zealous nationalism. God reigns with genuine hope. Join Nathan Hanson, pastor of Kensington Lutheran Church and learn to detect what Paul teaches about this reality of God. Live boldly, proclaiming the fact that real love is God being God. Offered Sessions 1 & 2.


Pastoral Transitions
Marcus Carlson & Dawn Spies
Intentional Interim Fellowship
Minneapolis, MN
Pastoral transitions can be an uncertain and challenging time in the life of a congregation, but the good news is that you are not alone. Join Marcus Carlson and Dawn Spies, co-coordinators of the LCMC Intentional Interim Fellowship to learn how to not only survive transitions in your church, but to thrive and experience transformation! This seminar will present key principles for transition and discuss options for leadership in transition. Offered Sessions 1 & 2.


Mission Trips Made Easy
David Coulson & Jeff Agold
Living Word
Grapevine, TX
In the Great Commission, we are sent by Jesus, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” While that sounds hard and expensive, it doesn’t have to be! Join David Coulson & Jeff Agold from Living Word, Grapevine to learn how your church can provide meaningful, fun and simple mission trips locally, domestically or internationally. Offered Sessions 1 & 2.


Growing the Church in a Post-Modern, Post-COVID Era
Caleb Williams
Zion Lutheran
Kerrville, TX
Not only has the church changed a lot in the past few years, but so has society as a whole. Come and learn from Caleb Williams, Pastor of Zion, Kerrville, as he shares some tried and true strategies for congregations to increase worship participation and community impact. While most articles tell us the Church is in decline, we will show you how to buck the trend, build your numbers, and be a bigger impact in your community, even in these uncertain times. Offered Sessions 1 & 3.


Hidden in Plain Sight – A Tale of the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Colton Johnson
American Church Group of Texas
Conway, AR
MinistrySafe certified instructor Colton Johnson of American Church Group of Texas will help attendees how to understand, prevent, and respond to the realities of abuse in the church. What if the traditional methods of abuse prevention practices in the church only addressed 10% of the problem? What if the best manner in which we could protect the most vulnerable amongst us wasn’t through background checks? This session will explore a 5-Part Safety System for recognizing abusive behaviors and implementing an effective child protection program for your ministry. Offered Sessions 1 & 3.


Verse Mapping
Roberta Hennig 
St. Paul
Hondo, TX
Verse mapping is an interactive approach to studying the Bible that involves breaking down a verse or passage into smaller components. Roberta Hennig of St. Paul, Hondo will teach you techniques to move beyond simply reading a passage to really understanding and applying it to daily life. By exploring the various elements of a verse, we gain insight into the significance of the scripture. Come and reignite your passion for studying the Bible! Offered Sessions 1 & 3.


Male and Female He Created Them: Loving ALL Neighbors in an Age of Gender Confusion
Scott Licht
Lutherans For Life
Nevada, IA
Scripture provides a clear picture of God’s perfect plan for men and women. Unfortunately, that eternal plan is now very counter-cultural. So what does God’s Word say about sex and gender? Join National Director of Lutherans for Life Scott Licht for a conversation of how we can love our neighbors who are struggling with questions of gender and sexuality. Offered Sessions 1 & 3.


Liturgy and Discipleship: How The Redeemed World Is Done
Jim Marriott
Concordia University
Austin, TX
In this breakout, Jim Marriott, Theology Chair of Concordia University – Texas, will explore the connection between Christian worship behaviors and their application to the daily life of discipleship. Rooted in an understanding of the two kinds of righteousness, behaviors such as hospitality, reconciliation, advocacy, generosity, and many others help connect God’s work for us in Christ to our Christian work for our neighbor. Offered Sessions 1 & 3.


Life Story: What Is the Reason for Your Hope?
Greg Finke
Dwelling 1:14
St. Paul, MN
There are two main reasons people are terrified of sharing their faith. 1) They don’t know what to say. 2) They have no experience sharing it. Join author and speaker Greg Finke of Dwelling 1:14 as he will help you sort out your faith story. What is your story of why you trust and follow Jesus? What about your life with Jesus gives you hope? Your story is your witness. If you know it, you can use it. And, so can the Holy Spirit. Offered Sessions 2 & 3.


Overcoming Obstacles to Equipping Leaders
Bryce Formwalt
LCMC Texas / Harvest Workers
Georgetown, TX
Many agree that the church in America is now facing the biggest leadership challenge in history. The problem is multi-faceted and we need all hands on deck to address it. Join Bryce Formwalt, our Director of Mission Growth and Harvest Workers’ Program Director, for a conversation that seeks to identify barriers to equipping ministry leaders and begin to address them by discussing new strategies and ideas for congregation members and pastors to overcome the obstacles we face. Bring your ideas and join the conversation! Offered Sessions 2 & 3.


Reaching International Neighbors through FriendSpeak
Paula Robinson & Jennifer Falkenberg
Living Word
Grapevine, TX
People from all over the world are moving into our neighborhoods giving us an amazing opportunity to be cross-cultural missionaries in our own communities. Join Paula Robinson and Jennifer Falkenberg of Living Word, Grapevine and learn about FriendSpeak, a low-budget, simple way for your church to reach international friends with the Gospel. Come and hear personal stories of how this ministry works and how to use it in your own community. Offered Sessions 2 & 3.


Key Communication Strategies for Today’s Church
Tracee Swank
Church Doctor Ministries
Corunna, IN
“We don’t seem to communicate around here!” Our rapidly changing world has taken a toll on how we communicate. Learn the seven key strategies to improve your internal and external communication, contribute to the growth and vitality of your church, and help you reach more people. This session is presented by Dr. Tracee J. Swank, leader of Church Doctor Ministries and certified Building a Story Brand Guide. Offered Sessions 2 & 3.


Becoming Missionary Disciples: From Broken Hearts to a Bountiful Harvest
Craig Moorman & Jacob Moorman
River’s Edge Ministries
Lutheran CORE
Mount Airy, MD
In Matthew 9 we read: “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” 2000 years later, this is still true. The harvest—the mission field—is ripe beyond measure, to the point of rotting! Join Craig and Jacob Moorman of River’s Edge Ministries as they share a proven multi-generational, boots-on-the-ground approach to mission. After leading several disaster relief efforts, they have discovered that missional impact is often birthed out of broken hearts meeting hearts full of a Christ-centered compassion. It is in this sacred place that we begin to witness both our love for God and neighbor manifested more fully. Offered Sessions 2 & 3.


Prayer Time
During each of the breakout sessions, there will be a Prayer Room option. The Prayer Ministry Room is available for any who would like to pause and pray and will be staffed by pastors or other prayer ministers who will be ready to pray with you. “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you.” (Jeremiah 29:12) Offered Sessions 1, 2 & 3.



 There are no reserved blocks of rooms at any local hotels in Kerrville during the Gathering. We encourage you to consider booking lodging as early as possible. Registrants are encouraged to consider options in nearby communities and may want to utilize 3rd party websites such as:

Contact Bryce Formwalt at 512.942.7776.



Youth Gathering


Students from all across Texas came together for a fun, faith-filled weekend.

The Texas District Council has voted to move this to a bi-annual event. Youth are encouraged to participate alongside the adults at our intergenerational Annual Gathering. Ages 21 and below will receive discounted Annual Gathering registration.



Stay tuned for more details!

Contact Bryce Formwalt at 512.942.7776.


This retreat is for pastors, seminarians, ministry staff, congregational leaders, and spouses all across LCMC. Our hope is that participates will be equipped, refreshed, and recharged for all that God has in store.


“Vine & Branches” an LCMC LeaderCare Retreat
The 2024 LCMC Texas Winter Retreat in Concan, TX will be a spiritual formation retreat in cooperation with LCMC Staff. We look forward to guest speakers Christian Huntley, Coordinator for Leadership and Pastoral Development for LCMC, Mike Bradley, Service Coordinator for LCMC, John Waak, pastor of Martin Luther in Giddings, Texas, and Kyle Fever, pastor of Good Shepherd in Adair, IA.
The natural pull of ministry is toward outcomes, the fruit of ministry. True fruitfulness is life with, rooted and remaining, in Jesus. Jesus told the disciples, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15.5)


The next Winter Retreat will be early February, 2025.


Our Winter Retreat is held in Concan, Texas, a beautiful resort community located along the Frio River.  The Dream Catcher, Barefoot and Rain Dancer cabins serve as our retreat home. Each is designed to host large family gatherings in various sleeping accommodations.  We do our best to accommodate married couples in private rooms with queen bedrooms, but we may not be able to do so depending on the total number of registrants.


$150 – Includes lodging and meals.


Registration for the 2025 Winter Retreat will open this summer.
Contact Bryce Formwalt at 512.942.7776.
LeaderCare is a new initiative designed to assist LCMC congregations in their call to carry out the mission of the gospel by developing healthy leaders.


Upcoming Events


Local Clergy Conferences

Texas is big. 

We live in the internet-age, where distance is no longer an obstacle to communication. Even so, our pastors frequently get together the old fashioned way: in person. With a Bible in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other, they engage in deep theology and casual chit-chat, and everyone goes home better for the exchange.


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